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They may grow up to change the world … if they can survive the American school system and their own eccentricities!

2e: Twice Exceptional examines the concept of “twice exceptionality” – bright children with learning differences – from the perspectives of the students themselves, as well as their parents and educators. These students have vexed their parents and are often considered “at risk” by traditional school systems. Yet they are our next-gen geniuses, mavericks and dreamers – Malcolm Gladwell’s budding “outliers.”

2e: Twice Exceptional focuses on middle school and high school students at Bridges Academy in Studio City, California. Bridges Academy is one of the first schools in America dedicated solely to the education of 2e students. The school has attracted the interest of the international educational community for its inspired approach in looking “outside the box” to develop creative educational solutions to engage these unique students.


"Essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding where our next generation of game-changing outliers may be coming from."

- The Bridges Academy

2e: Twice Exceptional is an honest, up-close look at what it’s like to be – or to be the parent or teacher of — a young person who’s both gifted and coming to terms with a learning difference.”

– Steven Kotler, New York Times best-selling author of The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance

“…when I watched the new documentary 2e: Twice Exceptional, I couldn’t hold back. I cried openly with tears of relief and recognition… The film reminds me that there are more kids out there like mine… It shows me there are people who understand them and will accept them for their gifts and their challenges. And that gives me so much hope.”

– from How the Documentary 2e: Twice Exceptional Made Me a More Hopeful Parent by Amanda Morin – Understood Newsletter

Dear Parents,

You know when you see a movie that's so powerful you want to tell all your friends about it?

2e: Twice Exceptional is one of those movies.

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I think you'll feel the relief, camaraderie and hope that I felt when I first saw it.

Many thanks to director Tom Ropelewski and the wonderful folks at Bridges Academy for bringing us such a paradigm-shifting experience. I can't wait to share it with you!

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Debbie Steinberg Kuntz


Bright & Quirky Founder, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist



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