Current Events for Deep Thinkers

group of happy high school students and teacher looking at globe


Our world is pretty nutty right now and there’s a lot to process! This one week camp provides space for students to come together, discover, discuss, debate, and dialogue about the current events of the world. Whether your student already possesses a love for learning about the complex geopolitical landscape and is seeking like-minded peers to connect with or your child simply has an interest in the news, this camp is perfect for them. We’ll cover contextualization, fake news, connecting stories, analyzing vantage points, and so much more! Brought to you by our friends at Young Scholars Academy, featuring 2e instructor and director, Samuel Young.

WEEK 5: JULY 19-23

AGES: 10-14

TIME: 10:00am Seattle/ 1:00pm New York/ 6:00pm London (60 minutes)

PRICE: $50 per session billed as a 5-day camp

AGES: 15-18

TIME: 11:30am Seattle/ 2:30pm New York (60 minutes)

PRICE: $50 per session billed as a 5-day camp

INSTRUCTOR: Samuel Young

Samuel Young is a growth-minded, two-time Fulbright Scholar with a decade of educational leadership experience that has ADHD. As an ADHD learner, he has a tremendous understanding of, experience in, and respect for all things related to neurodiverse education. Additionally, Samuel has served as a Speech and Debate coach of twice-exceptional (2e) students. He has led students to both State and National Championships. He is currently working toward an EdD in Neurocognitive Diversity at the Bridges Graduate School. Samuel taught for 8 years at Bridges Academy and he has led 2e students to over 7 countries for immersive cultural and educational trips.

"Mr. Sam is the kind of teacher that you just want to do your best for. He cares for you, encourages you, but will always challenge you.”

— Shaunt, former student