Improv for Interaction

A group of diverse students reading lines for drama


I need an occupation... a place... and two different types of aquatic mammals. Sound strange? Not in Improv! Improvisational acting (or Improv) games are a fun and effective way to teach and shape social engagement. These games rely on quick thinking, verbal skill, creativity, and enthusiasm. Research indicates that Improv games are effective in teaching prosocial behavior, emotional resilience, cognitive flexibility, self-expression, and creativity. In past sessions, 80% of parents reported an increase in their child's confidence and social initiative as a result of participating in this class.

This 5-day camp, taught by our friends at the Miracle Project, provides 1:1 coaching and group facilitation to practice positive social interactions with bright and quirky peers, self-awareness, techniques to manage social anxiety, and being part of a group. We'll have fun with improvisation, music, movement, theater games, voice over acting, comedy, and role play activities.


AGES: 10-12

TIME: 11:00am Seattle/ 2:00pm New York/ 7:00pm London (60 minutes)

PRICE: $45 per session billed as a 5-day camp

AGES: 7-10

TIME: 12:30pm Seattle/ 3:30pm New York (60 minutes)

PRICE: $45 per session billed as a 5-day camp

WEEK 9: AUGUST 16-20

AGES: 10-12

TIME: 10:00am Seattle/ 1:00pm New York/ 6:00pm London (60 minutes)

PRICE: $45 per session billed as a 5-day camp

FOUNDER: Elaine Hall

Elaine Hall, The Miracle Project's Founder & Executive Artistic Director, has been referenced by The New York Times as “the child whisperer” and is a pioneer in using theater and movement practices as a portal for connection among individuals with autism and related disabilities. Elaine was a top Hollywood acting coach when her adopted son was diagnosed with autism. When traditional behavioral therapies did not work for him, she developed an innovative methodology combining mindfulness and the expressive arts with what she was learning from autism experts, Dr. Stanley Greenspan, Dr. Ricki Robinson, and Dr. Barry Prizant. The 2008 Emmy Award-winning HBO documentary, AUTISM: The Musical profiles Elaine’s early work with The Miracle Project, which has since been deemed evidence-based and is now being replicated nationally and internationally.

"Improv for Interaction has been, hands down, the best program for us out of all the many programs in which we have participated. It has changed my daughter's life! She has gone from shy and withdrawn to confident and outgoing."

— Parent of an Improv for Interaction Student