Mathematical Origami


Mathematical or modular origami is folding many pieces of paper in the same manner and then putting them together to make a polygon or polyhedron. The folds can be simple or complex and putting the pieces together can be a maddening puzzle sometimes. If the participant has perseverance and “stays in the struggle,” they will leave each session with a beautiful model to display. 2e math expert Ms. Math will be there to encourage, inspire and troubleshoot along the way.

DURATION: June 8-12, 2020

MEETS: 90 minutes per day/5 days

TIME: 3-4:30pm Pacific (find your local time here)


REQUIRED SUPPLIES:  Origami paper (preferably 6x6 inches or bigger with color on one side and white on the other) and something to make "crispy creases" such as a popsicle stick, tongue depressor, or ruler.

COST: $150 for 5-class series

CANCELLATION POLICY: Classes are fully refundable until 24 hours after the first meeting.

Ms. Math did a fabulous job of focusing on the creative and fun aspect of math while also teaching the language of math.


Known simply as Ms. Math to children across the country, Dr. Rachel McAnallen has devoted her life to sharing the joy and beauty of mathematics with learners of all ages.  A professional educator for more than 60 years, she travels the globe teaching her subject at every grade level. Recently Rachel has co-authored with Carol Williams, children’s math books and teaching manuals that accompany the books. A life-long learner, Rachel approaches the world around her with a boundless curiosity and a playful sense of humor that is reflected in her teaching style. She believes that mathematics is a language to be spoken, a music to be heard, an art to be seen, and a dance to be performed.

A scholarship may be available for this class. Contact to inquire.

Develop creativity, math and spatial skills in this 5-class series with an experienced teacher of bright and quirky kids! Great for kids who love origami and math.

INSTRUCTOR: Rachel McAnallen, PhD