Let’s Get Out of Overwhelm – The Bright & Quirky Screen Time & Mental Health Summit

A parent recently shared with me, “The screen is a magnet. It pulls her in and instead of seeing it as something fun to use once in a while, she spends all her time on the screen and occasionally pulls away to do chores, homework, etc. It's become her 'normal.' I worry that as she gets older her priorities will be out of place. I worry that it will change the person she is, into someone with different values.”

Are you worried about how much time your child spends on screens?

Are you concerned about how screens are changing childhood as we know it?

If so, I have an invitation for you, from my heart to yours. Take a listen.

The free Screen Time & Mental Health Summit begins Monday!

TIME SENSITIVE: Be sure to save your seat before we get underway.

Between the pandemic mushing our tech boundaries and big tech investing billions to capture our kids’ attention, it’s time for a much-need reset for whole-family digital health.

The panel of 22 experts, spanning technology, mental health and child development, is incredible.

I hope you’ll join me for this potentially life-changing free event. Let’s get clear on what really matters to have a healthy childhood, both online and offline, so you can make important informed decisions about your family’s screen time and mental health.