Neuroception: A Key Concept to Understand, with Claire Wilson

When our kids are struggling, it's easy to get overwhelmed and not know where or how to begin problem solving. Claire Wilson, author of Grounded, shares a key concept, neuroception, that we need to understand to be an effective problem solver. Neuroception is experienced not only by our kids, but by us parents and our child's teachers too. Watch this short clip to get a sense of this very important dynamic.



The tools and insights mentioned in this vlog are geared for bright and quirky kids, who typically are very bright and also have learning, social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

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  1. Frances Bainbridge on April 15, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    I have found quiet contemplation and prayer helpful for many years. Recently, I have been learning more about the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, and i realise that prayer and quiet contemplation activate my parasympathetic system! I worked as a physiotherapist in schools and early intervention centres where there were definitely some 2e children. What if we learn to carry the sense of being safe that is possible to attain through meditation, into our lives at home and at work? I am learning (through lectures sponsored by the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine) that if my parasympathetic system is activated, it facilitates activation of the parasympathetic system in people in close proximity to me. When I am calm, I can more readily communicate acceptance and a sense of wellbeing to others.

  2. Angela on April 15, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    Definitely can see how this dynamic plays out with my son and I when I am triggered by his behavior and go into Fight (yelling mom) mode.. He then feels unsafe and responds in kind. We call it “passing the mean around” because it becomes an energy that often takes on a life of its own. The key that has helped us is to understand that my past trauma is more easily triggered when I am stressed. Once we recognized that we were able to make dome sustainable lifestyle changes to address my stress level-new job, dad pitching in more, ABA services for him, etc.

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