The Bright & Quirky Possibility Plan: A proven, step-by-step program for helping your bright child thrive, even with learning, social or emotional challenges.

If you're looking to help your child thrive, make the most of their strengths and talents and, at the same time, shore up their lagging skills and difficulties, reading this letter will be one of the best decisions you can make for your child's future.


If you’re feeling alone, swimming in a sea of uncertainty, wondering how to help your child…


It’s very common to feel alone, confused and overwhelmed on the journey of raising a bright child with brain-based challenges. We call these kids twice exceptional (2e) because both their advanced abilities and lagging skills are two exceptions to the norm. Only .5% of US students are thought to be twice exceptional. Our kids are very niche-y, and most teachers and psychologists don’t receive any training in 2e. So if you feel like you’ve been on your own, cobbling together ideas from random sources that are not applicable to your situation, you are definitely not alone.


Plain and Simple: The Bright & Quirky Possibility Plan Changes Lives. Build a Future Based on Your Child's Strengths, Not Their Deficits.

I was a parent, just like you, with two amazing kids who have incredible potential, yet various academic and social difficulties were causing stress and struggle in their lives. As a licensed family therapist, I knew if I was feeling confused and overwhelmed by the situation, parents not in the field were having an even harder time finding answers. So I went on a mission…

I have since interviewed over 200 of the leading experts -- the top psychologists, educators and authors in the fields of gifted, ADHD, autism, learning differences and anxiety. I’ve worked with thousands of families, including my own. The Possibility Plan WORKS!


 Stephen Porges, PhD; Mona Delahooke, PhD; Stuart Shanker, DPhil; Susan Baum, PhD; Dan Peters, PhD; Debbie Steinberg-Kuntz, LMFT
(Top left to bottom right)

Before and After: How Much is Your Bright and Quirky Child and Family Thriving?

When families come to see me, I ask them how they’re doing on a scale from 1-10, where 10 is thriving like never before academically, socially and emotionally. A one on the 1-10 scale is so in crisis or unhappy that they can barely get out of bed. I call this the Thrive Score. See how these families' (names and faces changed for confidentiality) Thrive Scores changed before and after...

Bright & Quirky’s unique Possibility Plan framework works for families like Marla’s:


"Honestly Debbie, I would have paid whatever you charged me to be part of Bright & Quirky. I have three degrees, and I was Harvard undergrad, but I was at the point where I was like, "I need a lifeline." My 7 year old was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and rule outs of autism and a math disorder. He would say, “I’m just bad, Mommy, I’m just bad.” And it's like if I don't step in, this could go really badly for him, for his whole life. In the position that I was in, I was so desperate for help and information and support. Bright & Quirky gave me a toolkit and a safety net. I'm not alone, I'm not going on this journey against normal things by myself...I felt like my friends didn't get it, my in-laws didn't get it, my husband didn't get it. You feel like an island. Right? I'm just constantly inhaling information and processing it and trying to figure out like, "Okay, what's the next step? With Bright and Quirky I feel like I got a VIP pass backstage."



It’s also worked for families like Melissa's:


“Before the Possibility Plan… I just got tired of being alone and never being able to say anything to anybody else. It just felt like I finally could have a way of explaining [my son] to other people in a way that made sense. He was calm and quiet, but under the table he was just a stress ball and he masked everything. Every week he’s accelerating. His executive function seems to be getting there and he doesn't blow up on anything. He's really just in a good space. Now I would say he's the happiest he's ever been in his whole life… The end result is that our relationships have improved tremendously.”



It’s also worked for families like Darlene’s


“What I found to be true with Bright & Quirky, all of the resources are legit. They are the best in the world. Before finding BQ, I was doing all the research on my own. I've been doing that for years, and when you have to put yourself and your child through all of the bad people that you go through, you kind of just get to the point where you feel like there's nobody out there that can help you. And if you're working and you're not a reader and you don't have time to do all that research, and that's not your thing, you'd quit. I wanted to quit. Now, I'm so excited for [my son.] We’re thriving as a family. We're able to have deep, meaningful conversations without shut down. And we're well emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. My husband, son and I feel confident, like we're on the right track. It’s great having the support to be able to do something different than what the world says is normal.”



It’s also worked for families like Angela's


“At the beginning, we were in survival mode. He was pretty much not functioning in school. He would spend most of his day out of the classroom crying, upset, not wanting to be there. His school district had never heard of twice exceptional before him. They didn't know what to do with him. Then I was able to use the information that I've learned to advocate for him and share information with teachers and get teachers to understand why he's having the challenges. I didn't sleep. I mean, that's been one of my biggest challenges is finding that time. But when you see your child struggling, you kind of do what you have to do. There have been a lot of three-in-the-morning emails, reading stuff and listening to things on Bright & Quirky. For someone like me that's a single parent I need to use my time wisely and be able to target the things that will be really helpful in what I need. The way the plan is structured helped. I now have a kid who is starting to enjoy school, is happy. He's starting to get engaged in things that he likes. Things are calm. There's communication.”



From Lost to Leader: Experience a transformation from feeling lost in a sea of confusion to knowledgeable advocate of what your child needs to succeed


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If you're like most parents of bright and quirky kids, you're feeling overwhelmed and somewhat frustrated. You're already short on time and have been to too many professionals who don't get your kid and read too many parenting books that don't apply to your situation. We totally get it, we've been there too. That's why Debbie has interviewed over 200 of the top experts and has consolidated the gems she's learned into this course. The puzzle pieces you've been searching for, maybe for years, are here. We've arranged the course to be delivered in 10-15 minute daily chunks, so you can make progress, even with your busy schedule. Through our co-working sessions, we'll guide you live, together, as a bonded community.


The cost of the Possibility Plan course is less than 4 therapy appointments. Twice exceptionality is a VERY niche-y topic that the majority of counselors and teachers are not trained in. We often hear that families make more progress in the Possibility Plan (formerly known as the Action Plan) than they have meeting with psychologists, counselors, doctors and teachers over months and years. The Possibility Plan WORKS to help families like yours craft a good-fit life to help their kids soar with their strengths and support struggles.

It’s time for a fresh approach.
Shift your paradigm, accelerate your progress


Success in the Possibility Plan requires a paradigm shift away from the traditional medical and school models that focus solely on fixing and remediating deficits.

This traditional approach can make kids feel broken, dumb or needing to be fixed, and can make parents feel worried, overwhelmed and often hopeless. If your child is feeling badly about themselves or you’re ruminating over what might help, the time for action is now.

Your child can soar with their strengths and get support for their difficulties

We must help our kids catch the wind in their sails to help them soar with their strengths. This means identifying what they’re good at and what they enjoy. Do more of what works!


We also must help them lift their own anchor, and give them various supports, skill-building and compensation strategies, so that their difficulties don’t impede their potential. Get help with what doesn’t come naturally!



I'm Debbie

I’m a licensed child and family therapist and I specialize in twice exceptional (2e) kids. It’s my mission in life to help kids and families ease the struggle and live their best lives. I’m in a unique position where I get to talk with the leading experts in our kids’ difficulties, AND work with families in the trenches. The result? Over time I’ve come to understand what really works, not in academic ivory towers, but in real life. I can show you how to…

Reduce your confusion, stress and overwhelm and empower your child’s unique thriving


You can stop going down rabbit holes, hunting down the next book, test, therapist or tutor who may or may not get it. The Possibility Plan is a step-by-step roadmap for your bright and quirky child’s flourishing, both at home and at school.

A few years ago, a client sitting on my therapy couch had a highly gifted child who just got a combined diagnosis of ADHD, autism and anxiety. With her head in her hands, she said, “Debbie, just tell me what to do.” The Possibility Plan is my answer to her, and to you.

Here’s what I know to be true about how 2e kids and families make progress...

I have found a direct correlation in our community between the amount of time a parent spends gaining specific knowledge from our specially-curated experts and the amount of progress their child makes on their bright and quirky journey.


Trying to sort through resources and experts on your own is time consuming and exhausting. Stop feeling guilty about the unread stack of parenting books on your nightstand. The Possibility Plan gives you one trusted source to accelerate your journey. Let’s step on the gas pedal of your child’s progress together.

Why the Possibility Plan Works...

For the past 12 years I’ve been experimenting and iterating to find what works for 2e kids. I hosted over 26,000 people from over 150 countries at our last Bright & Quirky Child Summit, host hundreds of parents in our IdeaLab parent learning community and hundreds of bright and quirky kids in our Catalyst kids program.

What I’ve found to be most effective, that makes the Possibility Plan work, is a trifecta of content, coaching and community. I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours consolidating the learning to make the best use of your time. I’ve gathered specialized coaches, and a community of likeminded adults from all over the world. What we have in the Possibility Plan is very special. I don't know of anything like it in the world. The collective wisdom of our community is astonishing.


We'll guide you up the steps of thriving as you create a custom possibility plan for your bright, neurodiverse child

The best way you’re going to help your bright and quirky child make progress is to gain specific knowledge in a specific order. That’s exactly what the Possibility Plan gives you.

What’s included in the Possibility Plan?

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The Possibility Plan is a 7-module online parent training program that gives you the research-based, step-by-step roadmap to help your bright child (ages 5-18) live their best life, even with learning, social, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.

I’ve distilled over 200 interviews with the top experts, and hundreds of hours of learning what works with families raising twice exceptional kids and consolidated the findings into a few key strategies that will make all the difference for your child and family.


Choose What's Best For You





Here's What You Get

with Your
Possibility Plan Course:

7 Core Possibility Plan Modules:
We'll guide you up the steps of thriving so that you can help your child and family make meaningful progress toward flourishing. See the testimonials above for the kind of progress parents like you can make. You'll also be able to choose your own adventure, with the ability to dive deeply into toolkits specifically for ADHD, autism/aspergers, learning differences like dyslexia, anxiety, or all four! The course also includes downloadable audio and transcripts.


7 Group Co-Working Sessions:
You don't need to go this journey alone. Meet live each step of the way with our highly experienced 2e parent coaches to complete the exercises in the workbook and create a custom possibility plan for your child.


Members-Only Community:
Join our thriving Possibility Plan private community, along with masters and PhD-level coaches, to get your questions answered and feel belonging and validation in a supportive group of like-minded parents who truly get the peaks and valleys of the twice exceptional experience.


Possibility Plan Workbook:
As you work the 7 steps, you’ll create a comprehensive possibility plan, unique to your child, as we go.




here are my questions for you:

Are you ready to learn how to help your bright and quirky child thrive?

Are you ready to learn what’s possible for your child and how to maximize their potential?

If so, join us for the steps, strategies and support that will make momentum and progress possible for your bright and quirky child.