Why Some Bright & Quirky Kids Struggle and Others Shine

Studies show that bright children are likely to give up on their talent at just 13 years old. Do you know what you can do to support them and encourage their strengths when they feel like giving up?

Dr. Michelle Borba, author of 24 books including Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine, shares the secret sauce behind helping your child develop balance in their life, decompress effectively and drive forward with their passion.

Take a listen.

This week’s vlog is a preview of one of our upcoming talks in the 5th Annual Bright & Quirky Child Summit 2022! You can register for the free summit here.


  1. Annelie on March 11, 2022 at 4:42 am

    Good to be reminded of the importance of making space for self-reflection. Thank you! I do forget at times, because my son is so obviously aware of everything, including himself. Different things, though, awareness and direction – and the process of integrating them.

  2. Kristen Floan-Wood on March 11, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    I love this message!

    I heeded the advice of my grandmother, who had retired as Dean of Women at the University of Washington, when I entered college.
    She recommended taking 1 class during the first term “just for you.” She said there would be time to get all the required courses in, so take one that just interests you….it gives you a class to look forward to attending, one where you meet people with like-interests, perhaps one to explore a potential new interest or an area where you can feel successful because you already have some skills, and may even steer you in a direction when selecting a major (or minor).

    That first term comes with so many new responsibilities: independence with studying, meeting people often with different backgrounds and experiences, forming new relationships, possibly learning a new town/community in addition to a new school, managing money/laundry/cleaning/meals/roommates, autonomy in general, etc. So much is learned away from a classroom…make room in your schedule to adjust to all of these.

    When my own children were selecting classes as they went off to college, I passed along the same advice. This is a very special time. The opportunities are endless and there is benefit to picking up your head and looking around, of feeling a sense of control over your own choices and destiny, and allowing room for growing in all directions.

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