Is your bright child struggling with excessive screen use?

This summer, move beyond excessive screen use, that includes video games, social media, video streaming and more. When kids over-use screens, it affects their ability to focus, socialize, enjoy wellbeing, and bust through boredem. Learn how to set boundaries and have more family fun with the Summer Screen Sanity Series, happening in July, in the Bright & Quirky IdeaLab.

Kids struggling with screen overuse

The Summer Screen Sanity Series is right for you if your bright child:

  • Resists getting off video games or screens without a battle, meltdown or requests for one more minute

  • Has a shorter attention span and more irritability, the more they use screens

  • Feels anxious or low self worth due to social media

  • Lacks in-real-life friendships

  • Tries to hack parental control settings on screens

  • Lacks enough outdoor time, creative self-driven projects or unstructured play time

How to Curb Excessive Screen Use & Have More Family Fun, with Dr. Michael Rich, MD

It's summertime and that means less structure to the day, and potentially more screens and screen battles. That's why we've invited Harvard professor and Director of the Digital Wellness Lab, Dr. Michael Rich, MD, to share tips and strategies from his new book, The Mediatrician's Guide. At Boston Children's Hospital, Dr. Rich regularly works with bright and quirky kids who are struggling with Problematic Interactive Media Use (PIMU). Bring your favorite way to take notes, and your questions! We're always delighted when the charming and informative Dr. Rich visits the IdeaLab!

Michael Rich, MD
Michael Rich, MD
Alok Kanojia, MD
Alok Kanojia, MD

How to Set Boundaries for Healthy Gaming, with Alok Kanojia, MD aka Dr. K

Why is it that video games are so fun and so potentially addictive? What can we do about it so kids can enjoy them, without them becoming all-consuming? We're thrilled to chat with Harvard-trained psychiatrist and Director of Healthy Gamer GG, Dr. Alok Konojia, aka Dr. K, about his new book, How to Raise a Healthy Gamer. We'll share what family boundaries to set, and how to set them, to create clear structure and expectations for healthy gaming. If you have a gamer at home, you will not want to miss this session! Also fyi, Dr. K was himself a bright and quirky addicted gamer, so he understands the journey, and what to do about it, well!

Stop Screen Over-Use and Empower Bright Kids' Social, Emotional and Physical Development, with Guidance from Top Screen Experts

Bright and quirky kids are most at risk when it comes to screen overuse and addiction. Why? Because lags in executive function, including time managment and self-control to stop screens, can get in the way of digital wellbeing. Also, online life can become a comfort zone that lessens motivation to try new things and meet new people.

That's why we've gathered the top experts to share their solutions to managing excessive use of video games, social media, video streaming and more, so your family can enjoy more peace, connection, physical health and creative development.

If you’re ready to learn science-based, actionable strategies to ease screen over-use, join us inside the Summer Screen Sanity Series.



Your Child & Family Will Experience Transformation to Digital Wellbeing with:

  • Two comprehensive workshops with key concepts and actions so you can make quick, significant progress
  • A shareable summary sheet that highlights key points so you can easily share them with family members
  • A science-based guide to setting healthy family boundaries for digital wellbeing
  • An Ask Anything Q&A to ask your burning questions
  • Coaching from masters and PhD level specialists in bright and quirky kids
  • Coffee & Connection groups so you can get validation, bonding and support with parents on a similar journey
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These Bonuses are Included in the Summer Screen Sanity Series

  • 25 talks from the Screen Use & Mental Health Summit, to gain all the wisdom on bright and quirky screen use
  • A playlist of top expert talks to solve bright and quirky kids' most challenging behaviors
  • You also get 24/7 access to our searchable video library with over 350 expert interviews. Our AI tool allows you to ask questions about your child and get specialized answers, along with video resources
  • We’re offering a year-long membership that includes two months free when you choose the annual option
  • Cancel anytime when you choose monthly membership

Why Parents Continue to Learn with Us:

“I am so grateful, it was meant to be that I found you guys that day!”

IdeaLab member Sarah shares, “Things have changed a lot…I was really thinking about where we were and how much we’ve learned as a family from the beginning of discovering [IdeaLab] until now, it’s pretty profound….I feel empowered.”

“Trust what Bright & Quirky is saying when they tell you what they can accomplish.”

IdeaLab member Dan shares, “Can it get better? Absolutely, unequivocally. Yes, and I’m witness to some of the parents who were just pulling their hair out and in tears, some of whom I've seen in community, in the Facebook group and in conversations much like this. Night and day difference.”

"[IdeaLab] changed everything!"

IdeaLab member Emon shares, "Before we started Bright & Quirky, I had no idea where my now 17-year-old was going to land. But now he is a senior and he is doing dual enrollment. He’s about to start Junior College… he’s ready. And we didn’t see that before.”

“I see my child very happy, his eyes are bright again.”

IdeaLab member Veronica shares, “We were able to lower his anxiety meds. I see that he is actually learning at school, not just surviving school. A treasure about Bright & Quirky is being able to have a community that you can relate to, it can be a very lonely path…we share a common language and understand each other and what we are going through.”

The Summer Screen Sanity Series is an Exclusive Benefit of the Idealab, Bright & Quirky's Parent Learning Community

Join the Idealab for:

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    The Summer Screen Sanity Series

    Two comprehensive workshops, with a summary guide, to bring balance to excessive screen use, for better social, emotional and physical health.

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    Live Expert Masterclasses

    With the top psychologists and educators in bright and quirky kids

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    The Possibility Plan Digital Course

    Learn the proven, science-based Bright & Quirky method in 7 easy steps to make significant progress on your child's neurodivergent journey.

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    The #1 Video Library on Raising Bright, Neurodivergent Kids

    Access to 300+ videos from top experts like Barry Prizant, PhD; Ned Hallowell, MD; and Mona Delahooke, PhD.

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    Ongoing Expert Q&A, Office Hours and Coaching

    Monthly live Q&A, office hours and coaching with world class experts in bright and quirky kids

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    High-Touch Community Support

    Members-only community group with masters and PhD level specialized coaching and virtual Coffee & Connection sessions on various hot topics, for validation and support


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Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of Bright & Quirky, specializes in helping bright kids and families thrive beyond struggles related to ADHD, autism, dyslexia, anxiety and more. She hosts the Bright & Quirky Child Online Summit, which attracts over 25,000 families each year, and the Bright & Quirky IdeaLab parent learning community, with over 1,000 members. She earned her BA at Middlebury College and MA in Child, Couple and Family Therapy at Antioch University. She raised two bright and quirky boys and lives near Seattle.