What our Bright & Quirky IdeaLab Members Are Saying:

The IdeaLab has been the single most useful resource I've found for helping me to help my bright and quirky child. If I had found it earlier, I think her middle school and early high school years would have been so much happier.


After trying almost everything, it was Bright & Quirky that finally started pointing me in the right direction and continues to guide me that way.


What we as a family have learned from the Bright & Quirky IdeaLab probably saved our 2e (twice exceptional) teenager's life!


The Idealab is the parent guide that we wish all our kids came with.


The idea lab has so many resources and supports. There is nothing else out there that provides this level of support for our Bright and Quirky kids. It’s one stop shopping!


I found B&Q to be a lifeline. I have recommended to teachers, parents, service providers.


This is truly a unique and indispensable community for families of kids who are neurodiverse. Having this type of support is invaluable.


The exposure to not only the experts, but also to the parents who have been through it all is absolutely PRICELESS.


This is the best community I’ve found for parents of bright and quirky children. The experts who are readily available, the frequent opportunities to learn and participate in real-time, and the incredible support that’s available can’t be beat!


I have learned so much and have been so helped and supported by the IdeaLab.


I often talk to people about how much B&Q has helped, both in terms of understanding our situation and in finding a supportive community!


This is the best organized, the most informative, most compassionate group I have found so far. I love that it is monitored by practitioners and I absolutely love hearing directly from researchers and experts in the field.


This has been an invaluable resource for me, so when I meet another parent struggling with how best to support their bright and quirky child, I don't hesitate to make the recommendation.


In my parenting journey of our 2E (twice exceptional) child I have felt very alone. This community and the education offered has been life changing for us.


The resource library with the variety of professional talks is unlike anything else out there! They cover so many different topics that are necessary to learn about with bright and quirky kids.


It is the only place where you can find expert advice about 2e kids (on a variety of topics -- including school, screens, behavior) all in one place.


This resource has been life changing. Without it, we would still be in the dark!


One of the most helpful groups I’ve found!


The program tackled a wide range of topics and issues with reputable, well informed, emotionally mature professionals. It was progressive, inclusive and compassionate. It was a game changer for us.


Great resources, supportive community, experts on hand and very personable and caring.


Our kids are unique, and B&Q helps us support those kids without negative approaches.


B&Q teaches science-based reliable and doable approaches to reset my child to thrive and have positive relationships with family, friends, and school.


Because it is very hard and isolating to raise bright and quirky kids. This community helps with problem solving and helps parents feel not so alone. That is huge. You have guidance from experts in the field - and the advice they give really works. I value that.


I have found the B&Q philosophy incredibly useful. I love the video library of expert talks.


The knowledge that I’ve gained about 2e (twice exceptional) challenges and specific strategies for supporting self-acceptance and success in my kids, coupled with the emotional support and community has been life affirming for me. I’ve had more aha moments with Bright and Quirky than any other parenting group I’ve explored.


B&Q had been invaluable to me. I have shared my thoughts on this to many, many people that I've met (our OT, teachers, friends with similar children, etc. I'd read many B&Q expert books before joining B&Q--but this had pulled it all together for me--so it was a cohesive plan and strategy.


Community and Support is positive and amazing. This is an isolating family situation and the people who get you and your situation is so validating. We are able to get the advice we need to move forward.


It was helpful to me, and I see it's helpful to many others, so it's worth investing time/money and seeing if it helps. The info is not likely to be found/absorbed outside a program like this.


I love hearing from other parents about their experiences and have really learned a lot from the webinars and coffee hours.


It’s a great place to get information and support. It’s really tailored to all the 2e (twice exceptional) things.


It’s a community of people and resources that get it.


I love this warm, confidential and supportive community. It has been such a blessing to finally find other parents who understand what we experience, can brainstorm with us about next steps, as well as celebrate our wins. I also love the excellent library of videos and masterclasses and the opportunity to ask 2e experts our questions (we don't have available where we live.) Our week is scheduled around Bright and Quirky!


Bright and Quirky is the ONLY program, support, group that understands the issues of 2e (twice exceptional) kids and how this might affect family, education and friends of a child with 2e abilities.


There is so much to learn about the development and ways to support a bright and quirky child, that it is impossible to find and cover the material without guidance. B&Q has also been useful to learn to differentiate approaches for my two b&q kids with very different needs.


I have already recommended it! A community of progressive minds struggling together and the expert advice that comes with B&Q is amazingly helpful!


IdeaLab is a like having an extended family who supports without judgment offers a wealth of information that goes beyond theories. Debbie, the mentor Moms, the resource speakers have/are in the same journey and when they say they "I understand", they really do.


Bright and Quirky has been a community that has given us a proper understanding of our child's needs and strengths as well as making us feel that we are not alone. It's the only place to go for support and guidance for parenting a 2e (twice exceptional) child.


This community, in addition to the information, is the right thing at the right time for me.


It has helped us where pretty much everywhere and anyone else has not been able to, by showing the importance of 'getting to green' and focusing on strengths.


I've never had so many easy-to-access resources on a single site. I do not have to rely on trial and error in finding trustworthy experts. Debbie has done that for me, and the support is priceless. There is not a single quirk for which IdeaLab does not have a bright solution! Thank you for this lifeline.


This is an amazing, brilliant, and supportive community, a well-structured organization with integrity, knowledgeable, trustworthy experts and coaches. The combination was very effective in getting my family out of crises.


The resources are better than any therapist. I have learned so much about the paradigm shift when looking at behavior.


The B&Q community certainly provided resources that are not easily accessible where I live, but also helped build my confidence about supporting and advocating for my 2e (twice exceptional) child. We've made big changes in our lives and I credit B&Q for that.


Idealab has been with me through the tough parts these last few years and I would have had no idea how to get through the challenges I faced with my kiddo otherwise.


It was the BEST webinar series I have EVER attended and I've been teaching for 42 years! WELL DONE!

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


I have learned more from this Summit than I have from any neuropsychologist, pediatrician, educator or counselor. I am grateful for all of the professionals who shared their knowledge and passion for these children.

-Bonnie, Summit 2020


Easily accessible anywhere in the world (free option is amazing for such high quality information!) - Relevant topics for wide range of families (not just bright and quirky!) - Presenters are top names in the field - Presentations are a good length (not too short, not too long) - Facilitation is AMAZING: lovely warm style, doesn't talk too much, highly practical questions that go right to the nitty gritty of how to put strategies into place, inclusion of parent questions - I really cannot praise these talks more highly!

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


The quality of people you interview is so good first off. Some other summits have super short talks and like 8-10 a day and its too hard to keep up with or you don't get enough detail The bright and Quirky summit is great and so informative and the people truly understand bright and quirky kids.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


Absolutely loving this online summit. The best idea ever. Thank you so much for making it available to those of us on the other side of the world.

-R Grima, Summit 2020


I have listened to a lot of summits and speakers- so many times you can get the same content on the speakers blog or by signing up for email lists. With the B&Q Summit panel all of the experts have highly specific, actionable content in their talks. Plus, Debbie's interview style is respsonsive- too many interviewers answer with "yes" and then move on to their next question. Debbie builds on the answer and truly listens which makes for a much more depth and meaning.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


The variety of topics, expertise, can not be matched.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


This is the second year I have signed up and I find it really helpful and informative. I love how it’s set up like a conversation and the people you have on are always fantastic.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


These sessions were so helpful and informative for both clinicians and parents. I really enjoyed the selection of speakers and even though I have been a mental health practitioner for 30 years, I learned many new concepts.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


This is my first bright and quirky summit at a point where I am about to start homeschooling my son. I greatly appreciate these talks I feel very encouraged optimistic and hopeful. I know if will be a long and eventful journey but I’m going to embrace it knowing I am not alone. My son’s mental health and said esteem matter most. Thankyou for the summit!!

-Abby, Summit 2020


This is an amazing resource, one stop place for some many questions that us, parents have.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


So useful, so interesting. Opens up a whole new world!

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


This is the first time I have particpated in the Bright and Quirky summit, I am so thankful to my collegue for sharing it with me. I am inspired, motivated and thankful to all of the speakers and organizers. Can’t wait to share all of this new info!

-Ann, Summit 2020


I really appreciated your extraordinary panel of experts and the creative way the summit was presented. I commend you for this! As a clinician, I often need resources for people who are struggling with their 2E kids. It is fantastic to know about Bright & Quirky. Thank you, Debbie!

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


The information that you shared in this summit has allowed me to shift my perspective as a parent and many of the tools have already helped in our family. The timing has been perfect.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


The amount of info is precisely what parents of 2e children need and I am very thankful that this generation has that. Parents of adult children can use info with spectacular results. Every piece of advise that I have followed so far has been a game changer!

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


Thank you! THIS! Definitely a life changing window into my position as a homeschooling mom. This reinforces my focus on not calling what I do Homeschooling, but Lifeschooling!

-Kristina, 2020 Summit


Thank you Debbie for another incredible B&Q Summit! I have to say that Stephen Porges talk was a highlight and that one interview alone made it worth investing in the All Access Pass. Many thanks for all you do!

-Mary Ann, 2020 Summit


The people involved know their stuff!! I like that it is research based, and it also helps make you feel that as a parent there are other options to the traditional "school" norm, and that you are not a failure as a parent!! Also, each talk is not too long.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


The breadth of experts that are on is amazing. When you have 4 or 5 specialists per topic it means that you might not click with one but you might another. It is also great that you provide where we can go for their other work, if we want to chase up more information. The other great thing is that you find people in their fields that are very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


I loved the calibre of the speakers you brought in; they were qualified, engaging, and authentic -- at least in most of the sessions I chose to attend. I was quite surprised that there was such a wide range of topics and yet there were commonalities, despite the fact that 2E kids are so diverse, and your experts were so diverse, as well. Very professionally done. I was very impressed and found it very useful.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


I found listening to the interviews both inspiring and practical.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


Lots of great information, no fluff and a great array of experts!

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


The summit was highly informative and I think all parents with bright and quirky kids would benefit from the information provided.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


While not every single episode related to our family, so many episodes specifically spoke to challenges or questions we're facing. The overall tone is so positive, balanced with vulnerable and honest, which is what we need.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


I wasn't really sure if my daughter was Bright & Quirky, but participating in the summit with all the experts and learning about her learning, social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges put things into perspective with an "a-ha" so that's why ... I found the summit really informative and resourceful. Thank you.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


Makes me feel I am not alone when I hear experts describe my kid.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


I love the warmth and positive thinking throughout all the summit talks. The speakers are so inspirational and insightful. It's reassuring to know you're not alone through this challenging parenting journey.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


The topics presented gave information and ideas that were very useful. My child was diagnosed two years ago. I have been searching for ways to help her. I love the thoughts, experiences and over all support.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


Very high quality speakers with up-to-date information. Warm and welcoming atmosphere.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


As a professional, I find the summit informative, packed of knowledge and expertise from renowned speakers. I learned so much from it that I was able to equip myself with the knowledge that will help me understand my kids and coach their parents on what really matters. I am really glad I found this summit. Thank you.

-Anonymous, 2020 Summit


This is my first Bright and Quirky and I'm very impressed. These experts are spot on so far! Thank you so much. And thanks for having a free option so that low-income single parents like myself have access. There are so many low-income kids that slip through the cracks because their parents don't have the time or knowledge to advocate for their kids. I am 2e myself and have struggled to find professionals who really get how to help kids who needed the understanding that I wish I would have had when I was a kid and who can validate how I deal with my own kids. I feel like I'm still always having to adamantly go against the grain and I'm still seen as "difficult" for not doing things in more traditional ways. I'm glad all these professionals are coming together to get the word out. This is incredibly validating to me.

-Aberdeen, Summit 2020


"How I would have benefited from this information years ago. I plan to review it with my 30 year old 2e child, and see what we can repair together."

-Georgia, 2019 Summit


"Absolutely INCREDIBLE! Bravo for setting these fantastic speakers up and providing and avenue for busy and taxed parents to attend. I have learned so much in a few hours than I have pouring over books and visiting multiple health professionals over the past few years. I’m watching this late due to illness, blessed it was still available. Thank you so much!!!"

-Alice, 2019 Summit


"I am so great full to be yet another year of this summit.Its eye opening and amazing to hear all the different expert point of view on our 2e kids . Thank you for putting this all together."

-Ruchi, Summit 2019


"Debbie – you have once again offered an awesome array of speakers that provide really good insight. Thank you for offering the free experience as it is some of the few resources that I can easily access … even discover different authors more aligned with my learning type. Thank you!"

-Les, 2019 Summit


"I love the positive, life affirming guidance these talks provide. These ideas and tools work for all humans ? Thank you so much for pulling this together, and sharing it. This is vital and an amazing gift for our society."

-Anna, 2019 Summit


"This summit is amazing. All this information will be so helpful for me in my work in the schools, helping teachers and admins understand 2e kiddos!!"

-Monica, 2019 Summit


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve followed many of these experts for the last few years, but have still found new gems of wisdom in these talks. I have sticky notes with “a-ha” moments and memorable quotes piling up. This is great! Inspirational! I’m a better parent already."

-Julie, 2019 Summit


"I am loving this summit! Already getting so much more than I predicted. The speakers passion & knowledge is so inspiring."

-Melanie, 2019 Summit


"This summit is the best online summit I have had the pleasure to attend. The caliber of expertise is amazing. The content so specific and spot on. I am a teacher of young gifted children. I am fortunate enough to teach at a progressive school who practices much of what has been said here. How wonderful to have such a rich resource for anyone who works with these amazing kids!"

-Laraine, 2019 Summit


"Another amazing day! So very thankful for this summit! Thanks YOU!!"

-Erin, 2019 Summit


"I am loving these talks! Thank you so much for the professional insight being provided! I want to share this with all my teaching colleagues!"

-Kristy, 2019 Summit


"Thank you so much for all your expertise and advice. Really loving the summit."

-Katrina, 2019 Summit


"Really enjoying all of these talks! As a parent and an educator these have been very informative!
Thank you!"

-Jennifer, 2019 Summit


"All of the resource speakers are so informative in their areas. It is wonderful to hear all their ideas about how to help children through their challenges!"

-Kathy, 2019 Summit


"Thank you for sharing all the interesting information world wide!"

-Karin, 2019 Summit


"Well worth my time, thank you for doing these!"

-Katy, 2019 Summit


"I have been enjoying this entire summit thoroughly. This is such a blessing! Several of them brought on the tears for various reasons. Lisa, that last message you had for parents was one of them…I have been so hard on myself, thinking I am always not good enough, not doing enough, too strict, too lenient, and on and on. I realized that one of the areas I have perfectionistic tendencies is my parenting! So thank you for your encouraging message! It made me realize I can aim to be a great parent instead of the “perfect” parent."

-Pamela, 2019 Summit


"Bravo once again Debbie, another incredible summit!"

-Cynthia, 2019 Summit


"Thoroughly enjoyed this summit. My toolbox is even more equipped than before. Thank you for this and the contributions put forward by each speaker."

-Carlene, 2019 Summit


"Wow. Thank you so very much for bringing all of these wonderful thinkers and speakers together. I have learned so much in the last week and taken so many notes… my pen just ran out but my heart and mind are full to overflowing. A lot of thinking, reflection, and experimenting still to do, of course – that was a lot to take in, in the space of 7 days where I still had to work and parent! But most importantly, I feel really inspired now about moving forward with my ‘bright and quirky’ kids."

-Lisa, 2019 Summit


“If I wrote down all the things that I liked in this Summit, you and I would be here for 1 month! I can’t give this Summit enough praise. We have children with Aspergers and ADHD. I am very grateful for all that you and the speakers have done.”


“Oh my goodness! These videos are so powerful! So fantastic to hear all these amazing people talk about how to help our 2e kiddos. I learned so much today and I can’t wait to listen and watch tomorrow! Thank you for setting the summit up!”


“This Summit was brilliantly conceived and executed! Kudos to you! Thank you for such an informative series. Even as a psychiatrist, there were so many nuggets for me to take away to use with my own children and patients who have “bright and quirky” kids. “


“The knowledge I have gained is incredible. Listening to all the talks has given me incredible confidence in this journey. We can do this. In a country where 2e is barely known let alone discussed, I feel less alone and much better equipped. Not only with tools for my kids (and myself as un-diagnosed 2e person), but also to educate others. Every evening after the kids are in bed, I have been watching as much as I can, furiously taking notes. THANK YOU!!!”


“Thank you for the WONDERFUL informative and insightful summit! When I saw this summit advertised one day before it began and signed up, I had no idea it would be so well done and have such amazing speakers. Excellent as a parent of a 2e child and for professional development as someone in the field of education. Thank you!! I look forward to the next summit!”


“I cannot thank you enough for this invaluable information. Your thoughtful questions have guided the interviews into just the right areas. What a lifeline to a struggling parents. Light bulbs going off all over the place. Seriously, THANK YOU!!”


“Thank you! In just one day you’ve changed my thinking and worldview. We heard not only the “whats” (to do, to consider, to explore) but also the hows and the whys. And I’ve been introduced to many new resources as well. “


“I loved all of today’s speakers. I found it illuminating! I am a GT teacher and 2E kids are my passion – I have one of my own at home! Thank you so much for bringing these resources to us! I can’t wait to share with my colleagues who STILL don’t get it!!”


” I have loved only about 95% of all the interviews. Wonderful! I’m a retired teacher/school social worker and although I greatly enjoy my retirement, this series makes me wish I could time travel back to use all this fantastic information.”


“I’ve learned so much. Thank you for the massive effort you put in to pull all this together and make it happen.”


“What a wonderful achievement your summit is! You should be very proud for taking the time to pull all of these amazing resources together for parents, educators and professionals. “


“Thanks again, so much for your coordination of this summit. You have touched so many people with this valuable source of information.”


“I was able to take some much-needed deep breaths after listening to Dr. Hallowell, and Scott Kaufman! I cannot thank you enough for making this Summit available to us!”


“Great speakers! So much good information. It is going to take some time for my brain to process it all. Thank you so much, and I look forward to the future talks.”

“So enjoyed listening to the speakers today. I read so many articles and books on the subject of 2e kids, it’s just really nice to sit and listen to the experts and feel those aha moments. Thank you so much for putting this together and looking forward to more learning and validation tomorrow”


“Listening and learning from New Zealand. So many great ideas – I have written 6 pages of notes today! “


“I enjoyed three speakers from day one of the event and can’t wait to attend the remaining days of the this online Summit. Thankyou so much for organising it. I have realised that being a parent of 2e kid is challenging and all we can do is give them exposure to various activities so they can chose skills based on their strengths.”


“Also, I realised that I need to accept them for who they are and eventually help them realise their quirkiness and unique qualities. I was unable to deal with it and was running to various psychologist for help here in India for past three months , but this summit has put things in perspective for me.”


“I was just able to finish listening to the Day 1 interviews! I’m texting people encouraging them to sign up! The information and encouragement is priceless! Thank you for providing this summit!”


“Thank you so much for having this Summit. It has been incredibly validating to listen to and to know that I’m not the only one struggling to do better.”


“It is also amazing how healing it can be to use these skills with our children. I am so grateful for this shift in parenting and it is very helpful to hear from so many experts. My reading list just tripled after only two days of talks and my toolbox has expanded as well.”


“I’ve had so many “aha” moments watching these sessions over the past 2 days. Also have gotten some practical tips and ideas to implement. Thank you so much for offering this summit.”


“All three talks were incredibly helpful. All the talks really complemented each other and affirmed what neuroscience is telling us about parenting – the introduction to the “green zone” was a game changer for my parenting as we’ve been working on this for a while without the proper words and tips to really make it stick. We will be introducing the collaborative parenting approach into our household.”


“It is so meaningful to me and my son. Thanks all of the great speakers. So many great helpful ideas!”


“This was an amazing presentation, great resource for my teachers and parents.”


“Please. Is there any chance of posting the Dr Laura Markham interview for sharing on Facebook? Really. That interview could change the world. One share at a time. Please.”


“This has been INCREDIBLE! I am so grateful Debbie, for this summit. I am new to this as a parent and have been exhaustively searching for tools, resources, support, etc., for my gifted son.”


“I was one of the people in the collective nod. Thank you for sharing your story and for leading us in seeing our children positively instead of broken, showing the world solutions and not being part of the problematic System.”


“Hi all from New Zealand! Thank you for organizing & coordinating these wonderful presentations that will have a ripple effect around the world in our homes and classrooms.”


“I feel so privileged to have had access to all these talks. Thank you so much Debbie for this amazing gift to the world. The philosophies presented are so in line with what I have been doing with my son up till now. I don’t feel so alone anymore fighting a school system that doesn’t cater for 2e kids. “


“Thank you so much for bringing together these amazing experts (including yourself!). Such helpful, life changing ways forward. I’m on a journey to support my children & put together the pieces of their puzzle. I’m from England & I don’t think we have any schools that are this flexible or aware. I’m Always researching; this helped me feel supported rather than being alone in the fight for my family. Many blessings.”


“Thank you, Debbie and Seth Perler – that was a very deep breath out for me as I listened to what you said. I have renewed energy, faith and perspective. An excellent hour of learning!”


“I started watching this amazing summit to learn more on how to help my bright autistic 3 year daughter. I ended up learning a lot for myself also. This summit has encouraged me to get help, not only for myself but also so my family can thrive and I can give my daughter 150% of me. So many amazing speakers! Thankyou for putting it together. Life changing!!!!”


“As a parent and an educator I’m finding so much of the content relevant to my personal and professional life. I just wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated the huge effort it must have taken you to organise this and how amazing the entire Summit has been. Thank you so much to everyone involved. Peace and Happiness from (Adelaide, Australia)”


“Excellent conference. Thank you very much for putting this together Debbie. All the speakers concerning anxiety were very informative. I listened because I am a teacher and a mother of three ADHD/ASD kids however, as a 2e myself with ADHD (diagnosed at 6) i did not think there was much more for me to learn for me – but boy have you proved me wrong!”


“Thank you so much for this summit, it has been amazing! Thank you all for the work that you do. There were Lightbulb moments every few minutes, helping me understand myself and my kids. “


“I have enjoyed the summit immensely. I’m so glad I came upon this amazing conference and how easy it was to sign up and it was amazing that it was freely available for 24 hours. Debbie Steinberg Kuntz you have done an amazing job collating the interviews, I would say you are exhausted. I love listening to actual people with Aspergers and ADHD. Thanks so much from Ireland.”


“Debbie, you did an amazing job getting all these talented specialists together and asking them the questions that most parents and teachers want answered! You are being so helpful to the people starting out on this 2e journey and to the ones who might be a bit stuck and not know what to do next. I wish there had been something like this supportive network when my daughters were little. Thank you for spending the time and energy putting this summit together! Thank you to the specialists who shared their knowledge with us too.”


“Thanks so much for doing this! Now I have a lot of books to read and podcasts to follow and websites to explore too! The best thing I got out of this is HOPE, and that’s exactly what we needed!!”

“Thank you for this well-organized and insightful series of interviews. I have worked with gifted and 2E kids and families for decades, and I am still gleaning new information from your experts. I am grateful to you and everyone involved who has made this such a worthwhile experience. I have enjoyed it more than attending a conference.”


“Debbie, I so appreciate you organizing this summit bringing the village of experts together to share the knowledge all in one place. I suspect my child has ADHD but I’ve been reluctant to have him diagnosed for fear of stigma on his school record. Even if he isn’t, I have learned so much more about appropriate communication, respect, and empathy which will serve to improve my connection with my teenage son substantially. You asked all the relevant questions all parents are burning to ask so I felt like I was participating. I signed up in the beginning out of curiosity but these interviews are absolutely mind blowing and transformative! I now also have a better appreciation for 2e kids. It’s not a “bad” thing, just different (in an exciting way.)”


“Thank you so much for this summit. Lots of energy. Loved the passion in which people were willing to share their ideas. Loved the resources being identified. Well worth the energy it took to watch all the sessions. Thank you.”


“Thank you so much for putting on this summit. There has been such a wealth of useful information. Every session has been easy to understand and such straight forward techniques, which can be implemented in the home. I have already started using the Pomodoro Technique with my son to complete his homework! I can’t wait to check out more of the resources.”


Testimonials for Positive Impact Family Online Course


“Our home environment is so much more calm and happy!   Hubby and I are on the same page and delivering the same, consistent message without yelling and lecturing.  The tools we learned from you have helped us reconnect with our children and have fun as a family again!  I loved the examples you gave and the actionable tools that were relevant to our family!  I have read so many parenting books/articles but none of them explain in detail HOW to achieve your goals. It was so helpful to have it all broken out into steps that were easy to implement.  The timeframe and having one module to work on per week was helpful too- it was manageable to incorporate a few things every week and not be overwhelming. It’s so easy to get frustrated and worked up and forget what is important.  Without this course, we would probably be stuck in the same negative cycle! I would highly recommend this workshop.  It truly changed our family for the better.  Thank you Debbie!!”

Julie, mom of 3 kids under 9 years old

“We feel better prepared and more confident about being positive parents. It felt good that we were learning about all the recent parenting research in one place without having to read 50 books. The course fostered more open communication about our goals for our family. The real life examples, creating a family motto and creating new habits were really helpful. Without this course, we would have a lack of information and not be able to ask questions specifically related to our child and family. The course is definitely worth it! We learned a lot about the latest research and how to have healthy relationships with your children.”

Krystle, mom of a 2 year old

 “Your course has given us perspective on things, given alternatives in how to handle difficult situations, got us on the same page in terms of how we want to raise our son, what rules we want to instill in our home, what values we want him to have. It gives you practical practices you can start implementing right away. You’ll learn something new or see things in a different way, no matter what type of person or parent you are!! We all have room to grow, and Debbie brings that to light!”

Rachel, Mom of a 2 year old

“I find I’m getting a lot more cooperation as I shifted from a more authoritarian approach to more teamwork with my son. He’s a smart guy, and involving him MORE is definitely helping. We’re shifting the family focus to one of more cooperation and teamwork instead of demand and frustration.”

Adrienne, Mom of a 4 year old

“One of the things I’ve realized is how much more organized we need to be in order to make predictable routines and for the family to run smoothly. This course definitely helped give us a structure for implementing our family culture. I feel like we have a ton of material to help us go forward.”

Liz, Mom of 3 kids, age 8 and younger

“Very helpful. We had come to many concepts and techniques organically but your course helped identify the important ones to focus on and sharpen those areas. Thank you!”

Jen, Mom of an 8 year old

“We have a popular phrase in our home: “Remember Debbie!?” Thank you SOOO much! ”

Pachi, mom of 2 boys under 4

“Life is better. I’m happier to be home. My bond with my son is much stronger and conflict has gone down significantly. It’s incredibly valuable to walk through all these teachings and questions. It helps transform your home life to something much closer to what you want it to be.”

Colm, Dad of a 4 year old

“I have been to a lot of parenting lectures and classes but none of them were as comprehensive and family specific. This program is holistic which resonates with me.”

Leslie, Mom of 2 girls