When High IQ Kids Struggle with Daily Tasks, with Ned Hallowell, MD

What's a parent to do when a bright child struggles with things like brushing teeth or getting dressed? Listen as one of the leading authorities in ADHD, Ned Hallowell, MD, shares his personal experience with helping kids with these challenges.


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  1. Carmen on July 30, 2020 at 7:38 pm

    After watching this short clip from Ned Hallowell, I am left with a nagging question….sure you can keep helping your ADHD kids get ready for the day, etc, but how are they ever going to do this on their own when they are grown? Don’t they need a strategy now to carry them through life? I struggle with this same question with my son who hates to do writing exercises…should I spoon feed him the whole paper because he shuts down and freezes? It is like I am doing his work for him though. He will sit there for an hour, if on his own, and literally come up with nothing on his paper, and be very frustrated about it.

    • Andrea on August 3, 2020 at 5:39 am

      Understand your nagging question CLEARLY. Remember ADHD is a delay in prefrontal cortex maturation (partially) so many youth will develop these skills and ability to self-initiate as they mature. So often OUR ability to initiate is tied to OUR priorities, so brushing teeth becomes a priority when our friends call us out on our dragon breath, or we get our first romantic partner. Regarding writing exercises, I strongly encourage (child psychiatrist here) my patients to dictate their first very rough draft using a cell phone app like dictate pro. They often have ALL the info in their head, but writing is an amazingly complex activity (that we often don’t think about) and speaking is much easier. You can literally have “Johnny” hold his phone and you ask him random questions about the writing topic [with no paper or keyboard around]. No worries about grammar, or does it make sense. He just talks to the dictation app…it helps so many of my youth get started on what is usually an incredibly painful exercise. Copy and Paste into Word and BOOM he has the beginnings of a solid work, and now he can rework/organize it, etc. All The Best, Andrea

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