Up Your Child’s Resilience by Fueling Their Curiosity, with Michele Borba

Did you know that research says a child’s curiosity typically takes a nose dive by age 5?

Did you know that curious kids are our most resilient kids and best problem-solvers?

In this week’s vlog, learn from Michele Borba, EdD author of Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine:

  • What stifles curiosity in kids by age 5 and how to avoid it
  • What to do more of, if you want to encourage your child’s curiosity
  • What to stop doing, to increase your child’s resilience
  • Important questions to ask your child to help them thrive
  • An excellent way to brainstorm with your child, to open possibilities for them

The incredible Dr. Borba packs a lot of wisdom into this short clip!