Overcoming a Downward Behavior Spiral, with Dayna Abraham

If your bright child is labeled strong willed, highly sensitive, spirited, explosive, neurodivergent, dealing with trauma, or just tougher than other kids you’ve met, this vlog is for you.

In this video, Dayna Abraham, National Board Certified teacher and author of Calm the Chaos, discusses how heightened emotions and sensory overload often lead to dysregulation and downward spiraling.

She shares a simple strategy parents can use after an outburst to help their children identify their environmental and internal triggers to empower future self-regulation and self-advocacy.

Take a listen.


Want to help your spicy peanut and family find more peace? Dayna will be sharing highlights from her new book, Calm the Chaos, this month in the Bright & Quirky IdeaLab.  Click here to learn more.